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Smallville/National Treasure [Milliways] - "Untitled"

Right, this one doesn't have a title or any of that information. Just a crazy drabble type thing I wrote in class involving Chloe and Riley and the future. So neither Smallville nor National Treasure or associated characters belong to me. And scenario in the fic is based upon fics found in milliways_bar.



It was hot, heavy, and sweaty and exactly what Chloe needed after a long day interrogating the D.C. P.D on the newest stabbing in a recent string of attacks that had been happening in the span of the last week. Most people said that an investigative reporter’s job was never done, but right now, as his lips caressed hers hungrily, she though that at the very least, a good break was now in order.

He pushed her hard against the wall of their bedroom, right up next to the dresser. The framed photos on the top shook with the impact, but neither noticed. He attacked her lips again and she dug her fingers into his hair to hold on to something as a moan escaped her lips. His body pressed flush against hers, trapping her between a wall and something that was literally becoming a hard place. She had no complaint, not with every inch of her body aflame like that.

“Glasses,” she mumbled as he began to kiss his way down her neck, occasionally nipping hard. But those glasses scratched at her skin harder and were definitely in the way of his brilliant blue eyes and had to go. Chloe blinked, fighting the lust filled haze, and tried to tip the glasses off his head.

“Glasses, right,” he mumbled, finally getting the hint and pulling them off to place on the top of the dresser. Then, his hand returned to its previous activity of exploring her body, from chest to abdomen to further downward.

She moaned again as his hand slipped under her skirt and Chloe mustered up as much strength as she could to push off the wall, sending them both stumbling backwards to the bed, kissing and caressing their way there. Chloe giggled when she landed on top of him, chests touching as her legs dangled above his over the edge of the bed. She propped herself up on her elbows and smiled down at him, eyes shining with adoration. Then, Chloe bent her head downward for one last savoring kiss before rolling herself off of him.

She laughed again and smiled up at the ceiling as she lay on the top of the bed, legs still dangling from the edge while she worked on catching her breath.

“You sure know how to greet a woman,” she finally spoke, moments later. “Something you’re trying to make up for, Poole?”

He chuckled to himself and the vibrations could be felt through the bedding. “For such an award winning journalist, you really suck at remembering important dates.”

Riley turned on his side to better look at the woman beside him. While his head rested on one hand, the other played with a couple of strands of long, blonde hair. Gorgeous, he thought, and not for the first time. Ever since the first time they made love, Riley had been particularly enamored with the way she looked after one of their lovemaking sessions – all flushed and out of breath and all because of him.

“What?” Chloe looked back at him, a small smirk teasing her lips. “Today’s only February fi—ooooh.”

“Told you so,” he replied. It wasn’t quite often he got to say that to her, unless it involved something with computer hacking or some historical divergence between his world and hers. “It’s been five years.”

“Oh god, really?” She pressed her head down further into the mattress, staring up at the ceiling in shock. Five years, yeah, that did make sense. She was twenty-eight now and he was thirty-one. She had left Smallville before ever finishing college to set up a fake personal history here in his world. The good thing with marrying someone with money and an advanced degree in computer science: creating a new identity wasn’t all that hard. Because then came journalism school soon after, and then the job at the Washington Post and then Eliza and oh god, it really has been five years, hasn’t it?

“Time flies, doesn’t it?”

Chloe nodded slowly. Five years of marriage had gone by in a flash. Who would’ve guessed that Chloe Sullivan of all people would’ve gotten married at such a young age? “I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

“Even a job at the Daily Planet?” he asked, watching as her brows furrowed as she thought it through. His hand tangled itself in her hair, waiting impatiently for a response.

“Yeah,” she finally replied, turning on her side to look back at him. “So what if it’s not the Planet? I mean, the Post isn’t so bad, and more importantly, I have you and Eliza. I don’t think I could ask for better.”

Riley beamed at her, full of manly and fatherly pride. “Good. Good. Cause sometimes I get afraid that you’re not happy here. You come from a world where your best friend is an alien superhero and I don’t think I could ever compete with that.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and looked at him. “Riley, c’mon. Do you really think that matters to me? I love you. I left that world to be with you and if you didn’t rank up there right next to best friend alien superheroes, I wouldn’t have left. Nothing is ever going to make me regret that decision. Not even that two year old terror we call a daughter. I have no regrets. None.”

He still looked dubious on the matter and Chloe rolled her eyes at him again. When Riley had asked her to marry him those five years ago, Chloe knew the costs. Her father and Clark Kent were probably the only two people back home that knew the truth of Chloe Sullivan’s disappearance. After all, she couldn’t ever really lie to Clark and her father, well, what girl didn’t want her daddy at her wedding?

When the door to Milliways stopped appearing for Riley and herself shortly after Eliza was born, Chloe knew it was really the end this time. There would be no going back anymore. She had gotten her second chance with Riley and that was that. It took a few months to cope with losing the world she grew up in, but Riley was always there, holding her late at night as she cried.

There really were no regrets. Not really. She loved Riley and she loved her job and she loved their daughter. It wasn’t as weird and creepy as life was back in Smallville or Metropolis, but it made her happy still.

Riley looked at Chloe for a second more before grinning, now mostly reassured. He scrambled off of the bed and walked over to his briefcase.

“Well, good then. Cause I got you something,” he stated, digging into the bag. “It’s not jewelry or anything like that, but I figured you out of everyone deserved to have it.”

Chloe raised an eyebrow and waited as Riley hid an envelope behind his back in a rather obvious fashion, and then walked over to her. He sat down on the edge of the bed and kissed her hair softly before giving her the envelope. “Happy anniversary, Chloe Poole.”

She smiled softly and then opened the envelope to pull out a worn, old comic book: Superman, Issue 1. Chloe stared at it for a long moment before tears formed in her eyes. She placed it on the bedside table and then buried her face in Riley’s chest so that he didn’t have to see her cry.

Wherever Clark was now, she hoped that this piece of fiction really was true. She couldn’t ask for a better option for her childhood best friend. Just like she couldn’t ask for a better life for herself now.

“Thank you, Riley. Thank you.”

Riley hugged her close and inhaled the flowery soap scent of her hair as Chloe said goodbye to her birth world once more. Five years flew by quickly. And Riley had a hunch that fifty more would probably go by just as fast.
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